Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Shambrarian Knights?

After several false starts I've finally decided to create a blog which I intend "regularly" update. In the past, I've set up but never used separate ones for work, life and play but though it is possible to separate work from play in the context of switching off from one or the other, I don't think arranging thoughts around those distinctions comes natural to me.

I will probably use this blog as an opportunity to vent, inform and comment on issues which particularly interest me and as an Aide-memoire. It will therefore contain posts on history, libraries and geek culture (with particular reference to Star Wars no doubt).

Why Shambrarian Knights? As Shambrarian International suggests, a Shambrarian is someone who works in the library or information management sector and couldn't be bothered to get a qualification. I intended the Knights part as a reference to my love of history and the Papal Knights. If you read it again, you may also spot a witty use of the word "Knights" in place of the word "Nights". See what I did there?

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